The Location

Hostel Manaus enjoys a unique location in the downtown area, set back from the bustle of traffic on a historical residential street, yet just one block from the city's central park, and within easy walking distance of everything downtown, including Museums, historical markets and the Teatro Amazonas (Opera House).














From our rooftop patio area decorated with Amazonian artistic paintings, you'll enjoy privileged views of the famous Rio Negro Palace, arguably the most beautiful of all historical buildings in Manaus, not to mention a spectacular panorama of the old center and surrounding suburbs.

Hostel World

At night, student bars, night clubs, and cafes of the downtown area are just meters from our front door. And the main bus line to the airport and all points of interest outside of the city center is just a block away, along the safest and most active avenue in the downtown area.



Bus (From the Airport, Bus Station or Port)

Take any bus marked CENTRO and get off at the 'Glacial' Ice Cream Restaurant DOWNTOWN on Av Gertulio Vargas. Walk back to the Glacial and turn left up Rua Lauro Cavalcante.

The hostel is in the second block, on the left, behind two trees.

Walking (From the Port)

Turn right as you leave the port onto Rua Floriano Peixoto. Follow this street as it curves around to become Av Gertulio Vargas. Turn right onto Rua Lauro Cavalcante at the corner where you see the 'Glacial' Ice Cream Restaurant.

Always check for the symbol on the front door to make sure you've arrived at the Original Hostel Manaus.

Taxi (From the Airport, Bus Station or Port)

Most taxi drivers know where Hostel Manaus is located. Always specify the street name 'Rua Lauro Cavalcante' so as to avoid confusion with any of our competitors.


Copy-Cat Hostel

Since inauguration in 2006 as the first hostel in the city, Hostel Manaus has grown to become the largest and most sort after Hostel in the entire Amazon region. Unfortunately too, over the years we have had to contend with a number of Copy-cat hostels, who use similar names to our own, often coupled with inflated prices or inferior services.

Before making your reservation with our Hostel Manaus pay attention and make sure you are really booking with us because there are some copy-cat Hostels that change only one letter of their name just confuses people who are looking for the original Hostel Manaus, so please check the right address and contact us for any doubt.


At the airport or on their way to our hostel, travelers may be approached by tour operators offering 'information' on accommodation and jungle tours. Since Hostel Manaus does not recommend these operators to our guests, they may try to convince you not to stay here.

Don't be mislead by false information. Come and see for yourself why Hostel Manaus is the very best option for travelers available in the city.