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More than just accommodation, Hostel Manaus is a hub for travelers, a meeting place to share information, ideas and travel experiences in a friendly, relaxed environment. We encourage a wealth of interaction and an exchange of culture, by welcoming travelers from all walks of life, regardless of budget, age or nationality. For this we are proud to have become the most popular hostel of the entire Amazon region.

As the hostel has grown, we have not lost sight of the need for our guests to stretch out and integrate, with no less than three open air patios, two spacious lounge areas, and leafy beer garden complete with bar and fruit trees.

With space for up to 80 people, you’re sure to see friends here from earlier on in your trip. There is simply no better place in town for hooking up with other travelers, to explore the city, hit the night life, or escape the heat to one of Manaus's river beaches.

Hostel Manaus has satisfaction to present its Amazonian private art gallery created by Antonio Gomes, who is fascinated by the nature and as he had been worked for many years as jungle guide, by the time he started to run Hostel Manaus, he had an idea to bring to hostel a new conception of art describing the fauna and flora from the Amazon Region, therefore with help from a well experienced local artist, he decided to spread out all over the hostel with different paintings and sculptured piece representing animals, birds, insect, plants and other rare Amazonian wildlife representation as well as the Amazonia culture. For those who enjoy art it will be a wonderful opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the Amazon.

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The largest rainforest on the planet is an immense, mysterious region, vast parts of which remain largely undiscovered. Here at the very heart of the jungle where the Amazon river is formed by the meeting of two giant river systems, many travelers are therefore amazed to discover Manaus to be a bustling, thriving metropolis of over two million people.

Truly an international hub, over the years we have been lucky to receive guests from almost every corner the globe. The Amazon, one of the most unexplored regions on the planet, paradoxically draws a real cross section of culture to her center.

Our online guest page is an attempt to capture some of the wealth of culture and story from the huge flux of travelers we receive at the hostel each day. With each guests contribution, we hope to share new perspectives on this valuable region, and in doing so open up the lesser known parts of the Amazon.


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Hostel Manaus has been recommended year after year in almost every guide book covering the region, including The Lonely Planet, Footprint Travel Guides,Le Guide du Routard and Quatro Rodas, the most popular travel guide in Brazil. Most of the local newspapers and national news broadcasters have done features on the hostel. Recognition has also spread to online travel sites.

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